Chaparral Vegetation

Kevin Gambeski and Alden Skillings

What is Chaparral Vegetation?

Chaparral vegetation is composed of broad-leaved evergreen shrubs, bushes, and small trees, usual less 8 feet tall; together they often form dense thickets! This type of vegetation is primarily applied to the Mediterranean climates around the world.

Where in the world can you find chaparral vegetation?

The location of this vegetation varies throughout the world. Chaparral vegetation can be seen from the Mediterranean Sea to central South America. It is also located North America, Australia, and the southern tip of Africa.

What is it like?

Chaparral vegetation sports hot and dry summers with mild and wet winters. It gets especially dry in the late summer and presents the danger of dry fires. Chaparral areas get around 500mm to 700mm or 20 to 30 inches of rainfall every year. It is wetter in the winter but almost always dry in the summer. Picture displays a dry fire in a chaparral environment.

Specific Locations

  • The Cape of Good Hope at the southern tip of South Africa
  • Western North America
  • Southwestern Oregon through California to Baja, CA
  • Southwestern Australia
  • Central Chile
  • Coastal Regions of the Mediterranean Sea
  • Mountains of central Arizona
  • Parque Nacional de Donana in Spain

Plants and Animals

Because of the dry climate the chaparral biome is home to animals like foxes, goats, small birds, wolves, lizards, and rabbits. Deer habit the chaparral climate only in the winter. The chaparral biome has few native plants like desert shrubs, unique flowers like the fairy duster, and large trees like the blue oak.

Cape of Good Hope: Africa

  • Africa
  • South Africa
  • Table Mountain National Park
  • Southern Hemisphere
  • Eastern Hemisphere
  • Cape Peninsula


  • Mild, rainy winters
  • Warm, dry summers
  • Narrow, rocky hook in the ocean
  • English
  • 6,000 unique plant species
  • Tourist Destination
  • Mountains and cliffs
  • Animal diversity


  • Hiking
  • Tourism
  • Lighthouses
  • Safari tours
  • Cabins
  • Dirt roads


  • Boats
  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Walking
  • Trails/Hiking trails


  • Absolute- 34.3581 South, 18.4719 East
  • Relative- South of Cape Town, South Africa, West of Cape Agulhas, South of Cape Point, West of Cape Elizabeth, and Southwest of Johannesburg

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