October News and Notes

Dear Staff, Students, and Families

This newsletter will highlight some upcoming events coming out of the guidance and nursing departments. As always, if you need to connect with a counselor or school nurse, you can do so in many ways:


Mr. Joe Palumbo, Director of Guidance and Supervisor of Nursing--jpalumbo@kpsdschools.org Ext 3257

Mrs.Thein--Student Assistance Counselor--lthein@kpsdschools.org Ext

High School:

Mrs. McGlue--School Nurse--lmcglue@kpsdschools.org. Ext 3159

Mrs. Oxley--School Counselor--soxley@kpsdschools.org Ext 3255

Mrs. Corsale--School Counselor--kcorsale@kpsdschools.org Ext 3258

Ms. Questore--Guidance Secretary--guidance@kpsdschools.org Ext 3257

Central School

Mrs. Chudzik--School Nurse--kchudzik@kpsdschools.org Ext 2010

Ms. Gilbride--School Counselor--kgilbride@kpsdschools.org


Joe Palumbo

Director of Guidance & Supervisor of Nursing

Virtual FAFSA/Financial Aid Night

Thursday, Oct. 22nd, 5pm

On Google Meet

Learn the "ins-and-outs" of the college financial aid process. Topics will include: FAFSA, FSA ID's, loans, grants, scholarships, work study....and more! You can RSVP to this event via this form, or visit this link the night of the event: https://meet.google.com/oje-cnuf-zfb

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Other Upcoming Events


Monday, Oct. 19th, 2pm

Google Meet

We are having our 3rd Better.Together staff forum on Monday 10.19.20 starting at 2:00 pm on Google Meet. We had a great first two meetings and want to keep the momentum going.

The meeting link can be found here: https://meet.google.com/ghx-gnhd-zoe

Hope to see you all there!