Discovery College's Individuality

By, Mateus


Individuality is clearly something that we (students at Discovery College) don't have! Individuality is when we all have our own decisions and that we are all different in our own individual ways.


Do the students at Discovery College need to be so conformist? Does the majority really need to wear the same uniform (grey shirt, black shorts)? Can someone please tell me why is it that I am one of the only ones that feels individual and wear the grey shirt? Maybe just because I'm new and that I didn't know that the majority wore the classic red.
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"Grow, Discover, Dream"

Take a moment to think, dream that about half the people at Discovery College are wearing the grey shirt. It's not that hard to take that step and wear something different than the majority. On the first day of school, I was wearing the grey shirt and when I saw everyone I thought that was wearing the wrong uniform! You can't just sit there dreaming of what it would be like, you have to actually act and make it happen!