By: Mari Lu


A 15-year old boy and girl Day and June are both the only prodigies alive. A prodigy is someone who got 100% on their trial. June works for the republic while Day is an outlaw that lives in the republic's side. Day kills Matias Junes brother. Or at least that's what everyone one thinks but that's not the truth. June is sent out to avenge her brother and gets in a skits fight. Then a boy saves her from being killed then takes her to a shelter. Then she realizes the boy is Day and calls for backup. Then Day is captured and sentenced to death.



June is a 15 year-old prodigy. She works for the Republic and is second in command. She lost her parents in a accident and her brother was attacked by Day, an outlaw. She is a very strong character and smart.


Day is also a 15 year-old prodigy. He is and outlaw but steals for good. His little brother Eden has a disease. Day has a very dark background, His dad left them, His mother thinks he's dead because he cant live their anymore. Day is very strong and will fight till the end. He is described to be beautiful and could have been a celebrity.


This book has been rated 4/5 and is a great book for teens.

Educational value: 3/5

Positive messages: 4/5

Positive role models: 4/5


About the Author

Mari Lu

Mari Lu has wrote many books and loves to read. The novel Legend has two other books that include, Prodigy and, Champion the final of the three. Mari Lu Doesn't have any kids. she is not married but plans to be soon.
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