Tropical Rain Forest

By: Alex Wilson

Temperature of Tropical Rain Forest

The climate of the Tropical Rain Forest is very hot and the average of the temperature of a rain forest is about 80 degrees F and all around year an exception of cool at night The temperature of the rain forest has dropped below 64 degrees F but its rain about 160-400 all each year.

Precipitation of the Tropical Rain Forest

Tropical Animals

The Rainforest has two types of elephants in the worlds, the Asian elephants and African savanna elephants. The African savanna elephants is call forest elephants look different from Asian elephants because they are small and stockier.

The Harpy Eagle is found through-out the rainforest. They sore, twist and turn through the treetops. The largest eagle are found in tropical lowland rainforest of central SouthAmerica from Southern Mexico southward to eastern Bolivia, Southern Brazil, and northern parts of Argenita.


Tropical Plants

Orchids and bromeliads, grow in the upper canopy on larger tress to get sunlight. Tropical rain forest plants receive 12hours of sunlight daily less the then 2% of the sunlight ever reaches the ground. Ferns of the rainforest are commonly found in the wet forest of the Tropical North Queensland. Ferns live in most conditions. they don't like wind and need water in the dry season, when the humidity drops the green leaves lose their color.
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The Benefits of Tropical Forest .

The Amazon Rainforest provides world service of recycling carbon dioxide into oxygen, for plants, animals and insects that live in the tropical rainforest. Its gifts to the world include fruits, coconuts, corn , vegetables, lemons, oranges, potatoes, rice , coffee and sugarcane.