Fourth Grade News

For the week of November 28, 2016

This Week's Focus:

Reading - Students will continue to identify themes as we read aloud from Clancy the Courageous Cow. They will track for text evidence during our whole-group read aloud, as well as during their partner reading throughout the week.

Writing - We will begin our unit on informational writing this week. We will review the 3 purposes for writing, as well as identify the characteristics of informational writing as we explore various samples.

Math - Students will continue to work on multiplying one digit by up to four digit numbers and they will begin division this week. Solving wold problems will also so be a big part of the week. Students should be circling important numbers, boxing key words, and underlining the question. These are all important to organize information, ensure the question is being answered, and that the answer is reasonable (Does the answer make sense?).

Science - Students will be working with a partner to research their natural disaster (Tsunamis, wildfires, tornados, hurricanes, landslides,mudslides, and avalanches, volcanic eruptions, winter storms, earthquakes, floods and droughts, and thunderstorms). As students complete their research, they will create a slide show to present to the class.

Social Studies - We will create flash cards to reinforce the states, capitals, and abbreviations for the Southeast Region.

Practicing addition, subtraction, and multiplication

Please take the time to practice addition, subtraction, and multiplication with your child to increase fluency. The more fluent they become the easier math will be for them. It can become frustrating for students when they do not automatically know these facts. With the introduction of challenging multi-step word problems comes the frustration of taking valuable time to determine basic facts. We recently made multiplication flashcards that should have come home last week. There are also fun, yet educational, websites students can use to increase fluency. Plus, students can always go into their Xtramath account by going to the xtramath site, typing in, and then their personal pin number. Practice, practice, practice!

Supplies needed

At this time of year our classroom supplies are beginning to dwindle. If anyone is interested in making donations, we could use...

ziploc bags (sandwich and gallon sized)

scotch tape


glue sticks



pencil erasers

pencil sharpeners

disinfectant wipes


Education in Action!

Mrs. Peterson & Mrs. Hayes