Who Was James Clerk Maxwell?

Information About James Clerk Maxwell

What year was Maxwell born and what year did he die?

James Clerk Maxwell was born in the year 1831. Sadly he died in the year 1871.

What was James life before becoming a famous scientist?

Until the age of 16 he was enrolled at the University of Edinburgh. Pursuing an interest in optics and color research. He studied there for three years . He eventually attended Cambridge University's Trinity College and graduated in 1854. Later in 1858 he married Katherine Mary Dewar.

What are they famous for and what did they accomplish?

James Clerk Maxwell was famous for proving the link between electricity, magnetism, and light for the first time. He also determined what the rings of Saturn are made of. Also devising a theory related to gases. Last he related was famous for for producing the first color photogragh.

Three interesting facts about James Maxwell

1.) Maxwell was awarded in 1859 for his essay "On The Stability Of Saturn's Rings" which is about what the rings are.

2.) Maxwell is attributed with creating the first ever color photograph.

3.)Maxwell's father was a lawyer and his mother tragically died when he was 8 years old.