I am going to be presenting my project on the world population and how humans affect the world. I really enjoyed the project and I hope you do to! I have also learned a lot about this project, the most interesting thing that I learned was how humans cause every world problem that we are facing right now. Literately! Hope you enjoy as much as I did!

Human Impact

As I said before humans cause every single world problem we are facing. The human race has an enormous impact on the world like, we are the ones that knock down forests, we are the ones to create air pollution, sound pollution, water pollution and so much more.One of the biggest questions today is how many people actually in the world? That question is impossible to answer, because there is so many homeless people, uncounted/documented people, and people living off the grid.

Places to Live

The worlds population is getting higher and higher everyday, and because of this humans are running out of places to live, so we are starting to live in dangerous places such as the deserts, extremely cold places, and pretty much everywhere besides Antarctica. Humans not only live in dangerous places, but make room for places to live so when we need places to live, We go out and clear acres upon acres upon acres of forests and woods. NOt all people are like this, because some people go out of their way to save forest and woods, but not only that they also will be as green as possible, green meaning natural resources and efficient way.


The U.S not only removes millions of acres every year, but allows millions of immigrants from all over the world into the United States. Not intentionally though, The United States only wants to let 500,000 immigrants in each year but, there is no way to stop them because they are jumping fences, going past state checkpoints, and almost whatever else you can think of just to get into the U.S.


America and most of the other countries use the only resources we have in the world recklessly, so unfortunately we are running out of places to live, energy sources from wood to oil, and the most important resource gas. Not only that but, and this is true, Humans cause every problem we are facing in the world right now. Such as economic problems, animals extinction, forrest being knocked down, and everything else we are having problems with, is our fault.

Global Warming

Global warming is a problem all over the world. Global warming causes Antarctica to melt, The normal seasons go out of whack and there is other things under global warming as well, Such as light pollution, air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, and greenhouse gasses. These pollutants don’t necessarily go under global warming but they basically are the same thing.


I have learned so much about the world and I hope you have to! Another thing I lick best about this project is learning about how there will be more than 10 billion humans on earth by the next century. That is going to be world disaster! Thank for watching my presentation ask me any questions if have one and I probably will be able to answer it.