Scuba Diving Safety

Yanely Espinoza

They Don'ts

*Don't live alone

*Don't hold your breath

*Don't stay down to long

*Don't dive with malfunctioning equipment

Safety Tip

*When thunder roads go indoors

*Stop all activities

*Seek shelter in a substanial

*Waits 30 mins after storm to resume activities

Don't live alone

Choose a person whose skills and training are similar to your own. Spend time learning how each of you dives and how you'd each handle emergency situations.

Don't destroy the environment

Lease make sure your feet are up and that you are always aware of your surroundings and your own placement in the water. Clip gauges, spare regulators, and other dangling equipment to your BC, so that you help save the environment and also to keep you from becoming entangled in fishing line or other objects underwater