Lindsay's Abuse, Gone Too Far

Lindsay Lohan has been a long time drug abuser, as of Tuesday, February 18th, Lindsay has been locked up in the California Rehabilitation Center for the Rich & Famous. Lindsay was found doing dangerous drugs such as heroin, molly, and crocodile in the Teensy Weensy bar Saturday night, reported by Amanda Bynes, who was also found at the bar that night. As a result of the drug combination, Lindsay began quickly losing weight, as seen below.
Lindsay was found late that night sitting in a corner of the small town bar, she was crying and yelling about a $40,000 coat that she lost. She claimed it was left in the bar. No sooner than twenty minutes later, Lindsay was found passed out in a random car, wearing said coat (Below). A man walking out of the bar that night claimed he saw Lindsay running towards the police station while yelling "Catch me if ya can coppers!" Several charges remain against Lindsay as she goes through the process of rehabilitation, again. For the seventeenth time.