Go "live" with your mobile device, anytime, anywhere!

What is Periscope?

- App available for IOS and Android

- Live Broadcast app (similar to Facebook Live) owned by Twitter

- saved automatically (unless you choose to delete them)

- Audience can ask questions and give you hearts

Why Should I Use Periscope?

As an educator:

- connecting with other likeminded educators globally

- share what works for you

- learn from others

- build relationships

- add to your PLN and gain never ending resources

- discover new passions

With your students

- connect students globally

- gain new experiences

- meet other students and share ideas

- take pride in their work

- start conversations and spark interest

Who To Follow?

Here are a few people that we follow- but the list is never ending!

- Click the names below to view their periscope channels (webbased)

- Using webbased version will not allow you to comment- that feature is currently available only on the app..





























Search for others on twitter using these hashtags:

#periscopeedu #periscopeteachers

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#passthescopeedu blog post

Quick run through of the features of periscope...


#PowerofPeriscope Voxer Group

To get guidance, support and ideas on how to include periscope in your classroom instruction this year!