Week of January 4th- January 8th

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~ I hope each of you had a fabulous break and were able to get refreshed and rejuvenated for a new semester! Bobby and I will be out walking around this week trying to get some evaluations done, so I'm looking forward to seeing you all and getting to visit with the kids!!

~ Remember to send Lily your Elk of the Month forms, so we can get those hung in the hallway!! Please get those to her by Wednesday.

~ I will be off campus this Thursday at a LEAD meeting all day. As always, you can email or text if you need anything!

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~ Just some feedback from Julie Vu's visit before break:

1. Make sure you're keeping the published writing pieces, so that we can see progress from piece to piece.

2. Make sure to follow the scope and sequence and use the Lucy Calkins lessons according to pacing guide. Using the writing checklists is a great way to get the students to monitor their own writing.

3. She mentioned using the Writing Pathways book to look at writing samples from each grade level. This is a great way to look at your students' work and compare it to other grade levels as well as bring to PLC meetings to discuss with your fellow teammates.

I will meet with each grade level to discuss. Several of you , I have already met with.

~ Make sure to get your iPads out of the vault! Thanks for locking those up over break. So far, we have not seen or heard of any vandalism, so we are very grateful for that!

~ With STAAR coming up, let me know if your grade level wants to utilize extra tutoring or extra help. We can do this a variety of ways, but we do have money for this to take place. Now is the time to start thinking of what we want to do to help some of our kiddos who are right on the bubble and need some intensive/extra interventions. Remember, a lot of times it's all about confidence. Work this semester on building up your students' confidence! Sometimes, that's half the batte! When they believe they can do it, you would be surprised at the results.

~ We do have some SWIVLS that I ordered before break. These are cameras that video while you teach. If there is someone you want to watch or learn from, or if you would like to self critique yourself, these are great tools to use. Come see me, and we can set it up!! It's a great reflective tool for yourself and it also provides you a "look inside" someone else's classroom to allow you to learn from others and share ideas without actually being in there and missing out on your own classroom instruction time.

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Words of the Week

Kg: ANNOY- to bother or irritate

1st: TREMENDOUS: enormous or very great

2nd: INVESTIGATE: to gather information

3rd: INCOGNITO: in disguise or with one's true identity hidden

4th: SIGNIFICANT: important or a lot

5th: LACKADAISICAL: feeling or showing a lack of interest

Here is a link to the vocabulary S'more that has online practice for the words. There are Quizlet practice sets that include both basic as well as challenging. These are already done for you, so all you have to do is get the students to click the link!

Don't forget to turn in the "Word-Up" Level forms!! The kids love it when they come down and receive their "word up" tags! We had one 3rd grader get both Vocaber AND Word Wizard because of her outstanding use of the words in her writing!!

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Thursday, January 7th: Kori off campus all day at LEAD meeting

Wednesday, January 13th: ICLE training for Kg and 1st grade

(1st grade in AM and Kg in PM)

Friday, January 15th: Early release at 11:40 & Campus Staff Development in PM


Wednesday, January 20th: Bobby off campus in AM at AP meeting

Thursday, January 21st: Kori off campus all day at DLT meeting

Monday, January 27th: Kori off campus in AM at Principal's meeting

Thursday, January 28th @ 6:00- PTA meeting and 1st Grade Program (NOTE: This date used to be set for the 14th and was changed)

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