Human BBQ ribs

These delicious BBQ ribs dont fall from the sky, no they are made with the heart and soul, and if we were serious than well all be sick so this is how the ribs of the centuary are made. The ingredients are:


10 fresh human ribs

2 onions

50 g BBQ sauce




cleaning supplies



wooden spoon

oven mits


cutting board



1:Preheat oven to 200 c.

2:First pour BBQ sauce and spices into bowl.

3:Secondly chop up onions into small fine cubes and then add into bowl.

4:Now thoroughly mix for 5 minutes.

5:Place ribs on a oven safe tray.

6:Pour contents of bowl over ribs.

7:Next open oven and place ribs inside and close.

8:Wait for 1 hour while the ribs cook.

9:Now take the ribs out so they can cool down.

10:Once cooled serve ribs on a plate or smaller plates.

11:Enjoy your amazing human BBQ ribs.

12:finaly clean up the mess left behind after cooking.

Sidenote:Do not tell children what they are eating.

That is how you make amazing human BBQ ribs the finished result should be delicious and tender, share the recipe with friends. Thums up or down?
Created by Nathan D Jackson