Weather and Climate

By: Ring Awm


Climate is the pattern of weather that occurs in an area over a long period of time.
Hot, cold, humid, warm, rainy, temperate
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Weather is the condition of the atmosphere in a certain place and certain time.
Raining, sunny, cloudy, sultry, raw.
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Measures how hot or cold it is outside in *F or *C
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Wind sock

The wind sock Identifys the direction the wind is going.
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Rain gauge

Rain gauge measures the amount of rain that falls.
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Anemometer measures how fast the wind is blowing.
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The Barameter measure the pressure off the atmosphere.
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Lighting detector

Lighting detector detects if there is going to be lighting in the area
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UV (Ultra Violent) Index Meter

The UV Index Detector measures the Ultra Vielot radiation from the sun.
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