WWII Home Front Project

Showing the importance of the home front war effort.


You will be creating an engaging, visual project that showcases one topic from the American home front during WWII. Your project will provide basic information about the topic as well as illustrate its significance on the home front and the war. It should be both informative and entertaining. You may choose to work independently or in a group of up to three students.

Topic Options

  • Hispanics – both at home and at war
  • African Americans – both at home and at war
  • Women – both at home and at war
  • Japanese – both at home and at war
  • Rationing – preserving resources and living with less
  • Military Support – moral and material support
  • Propaganda – selling the war
  • Paying for War – war bonds and taxes
  • Manufacturing and Labor – who is working and what they’re working on
  • Popular Culture – how the war infiltrated entertainment, and how we escaped the war

Project Menu

Options with an asterisk (*) may be completed individually or as a group.

  • Create a historical Instagram or Pinterest profile for your topic of choice (as if it were created by someone living during the time). Must include a minimum of 30 pictures with historically accurate captions.
  • Create a children’s story or graphic novel that tells the story of your topic. Must be at least 10 pages with colored illustrations. May be hand-drawn or digitally created. (Canva is a helpful resource)
  • Produce a propaganda poster reflecting your topic. Must be fully colored, at least 11"x18", and use traditional propaganda techniques (slogans, charaicature, emotional imagaging, etc.) (Canva is a helpful resource)
  • Film a cooking demonstration with a recipe from a rationing cookbook (easily found online). Must explain in the video the history behind the recipe, and provide the recipe along with your video. Upload video to YouTube. (*)
  • Create a fictional movie trailer for your topic. The film should reflect your topic’s importance to the war effort. Upload your trailer to YouTube. (*)
  • Recreate a historical photograph, poster, or political cartoon that relates to your topic (no Rosie the Riveter!). Must include a side-by-side of the original and an explanation of the image’s significance in history. (*)
  • Create a podcast about your topic. Must use at least five primary source quotes within the podcast. Minimum of 5 minutes. (*)
  • Produce a video that shows us a "typical day" for someone on the home front or a how-to video of popular dances or fashion. Upload video to You Tube. (*)
  • Produce your own propaganda film. May encourage civilians to ration, buy war bonds, etc. (*)
  • Student's Choice! Come up with an interesting project of your choice. Must be cleared with Miss Hanrahan beforehand. (*)

Grading Rubric

  • Historical Accuracy: 10 points
  • Quality of Historical Information: 15 points
  • Significance of topic to WWII, the home front, and overall history: 15 points
  • Grammar and Formatting: 5 points
  • Artistic Merit and Creativity: 10 points

Total: 55 points

WWII Home Front Project Due Date

Monday, Feb. 22nd, 12:45pm

7447 Scholar Way

Corona, CA

Online projects may be emailed to Miss Hanrahan at mchanrahan@cnusd.k12.ca.us before class on February 22.

Have fun, and be creative!