Tech Tips #2.16

Week of December 15, 2014

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Stop Motion Animation is a technique where objects are manipulated to appear to move on their own.

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Classroom Examples of Stop Motion Animation

DNA Replication by Redd, Garcia, Sanchez, Kinnan
Stop Motion Shakespeare
Maths Animation Mousematics 1: Fractions
Copper Inuit Stop Motion
How To Make A Color Wheel
Stop motion spanish project , Here Comes the Sun
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Lesson Ideas

Apple's Stop Motion Studio Lesson Ideas includes a number of lessons for use in a variety of subject areas and grade levels. Click below to download the iBook on your device.
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Get an App

The iBook above mentions Stop Motion Studio, which is a free app in the iTunes App Store. There are other free stop motion apps including LEGO Movie Maker, which is shown below.

Both apps are FREE and very easy for all ages to use. Both apps also allow you to save your finished video to the iPad Camera Roll, allowing you to share your movie quickly and easily with others.

Stop Motion Studio for iPhone and iPad
How to make LEGO Stop Motion Videos with LEGO Movie Maker App - Cheep Jokes
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