A Christmas Carol

Done by Katie Vande Wall

Stave 1

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Scrooge is a mean and rude man in this Stave. He hates Christmas and doesn't like the people who celebrate it. Scrooge is also a very selfish man.

Stave 2

------------------------------------------ The Ghost of Christmas Past ------------------------------------------
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The first of the three ghosts that Scrooge meets is the Ghost of Christmas Past. This ghost looks more like a child and is like a big glowing light. He takes Scrooge to his life as a boy, in a boarding school, where he was all alone because he didn't have any friends. He wasn't able to go home during Christmas because his parents didn't want him. So he sat alone, and this continued for a couple more Christmases.

Then the Ghost takes him to when he worked as an apprentice for a man who was an accountant by the name of Fezziwig. Scrooge really liked him and they had a Christmas party. He loved every minute of it, and really enjoyed himself.

Later, the Ghost takes him to a time when a woman, named Belle, was breaking off their engagement. She does this because she feels that she had been replaced in his heart by money. He doesn't pay enough attention to her, because it is all about money to him.

Lastly, the Ghost takes Scrooge to when Belle is older and she is married. Her husband tells her that Scrooge very alone in the world and she reminisces about him.

After he has taken Scrooge all of these places, the Ghost takes him back to his house and Scrooge falls asleep in his bed.

Stave 3

---------------------------------------- The Ghost of Christmas Present ----------------------------------------
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The second of the three ghosts is the Ghost of Christmas Present. This Ghost is a huge looking man who wears a long green robe. Although his life only lasts for one night, he is a very happy and merry man.

He takes Scrooge to the Cratchit’s house on Christmas Eve where they have a small dinner because they are poor. Mr. Cratchit works for Scrooge and he treats him very badly, doesn’t give him much pay, and won’t let him take off work for Christmas Day. Tiny Tim, one of the family sons', is very ill and needs a surgery, but they don’t have enough money to pay for it because Scrooge doesn't pay Mr. Cratchit very well.

Then the Ghost takes him all different places were people are celebrating Christmas and having a good time. Finally he takes him to where his nephew is and he is with his wife and friends. He talks to them about Mr. Scrooge and they all kind of make fun of him in a way, even though his nephew cares about him. Scrooge starts to have a little fun playing games while they are, but then soon realizes that he isn’t really there because they make fun of him.

In the end, when the night is almost over, Scrooge notices something. He sees two ugly kids under the Ghost's robe. The boy's name is Ignorance and the girl's name is Want. This is a metaphor and it represents people. All people do is want things and they are very selfish. We need to learn to be thankful for what we have.

Stave 4

--------------------------------------------- The Ghost of Yet to Come -------------------------------------------
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The last of the three ghosts is the Ghost of Yet to Come. The Ghost talks once, but that is it. He is a very scary looking ghost and was mysterious. He was silent and Scrooge never saw his face. He just points with his old finger at things that he wants Scrooge to look at.

They go to the time period of when Scrooge had just died and he took him to a couple places where people were talking about his death. Some men that worked with Scrooge are talking about his funeral and how the only reason they would go is to get some lunch and talk with their friends. Then the Phantom took him to a very dirty and dark part of town where a lady had stolen Scrooge’s bed sheets when he died to sell them to another man because she had once worked for Scrooge. After that, they went to a house where a woman and a man were happy about Scrooge’s death so they wouldn’t have to pay back the money that he has once gave them. That was the only kind of emotion anyone felt because of Scrooge's death.

Lastly, the Ghost took Scrooge to Mr. Cratchit’s house were they are all sad because Tiny Tim had died. They all talk about how they need to keep Tim in their memories and love each other. When this is all done, Scrooge finds out that he had died because the Phantom took him to his own grave. He then said that he would changes his ways and that isn’t the person he is now and he hopes to change his future.

Stave 5

----------------------------------------------------- The End of It ------------------------------------------------------
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When Scrooge wakes up, he is so happy and overjoyed! He is like this because he is so glad to be alive and also so relieved that there is still time to change the future. He quickly got out of bed and realized his bed curtains were still there, which meant no time had passed by. Scrooge asked a boy on the street what day it was and it was still Christmas! He realized that the ghosts had done everything in one night.

Scrooge gives a big turkey to the Cratchits' without them knowing and gives Bob Cratchit a raise in his pay. He also goes and has dinner with his nephew and gives a donation to a charity. This makes him feel so much happier and grateful for what he has.

The moral of the story in my opinion is that you need to be grateful for what you have. Scrooge has so much, but yet he is always rude and sour to people. He doesn't think of others. I think another moral is that there is always time to change. Even though Scrooge is old and no one likes him, he wants to change his future.

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