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School is out and the books are away. Your child now has unlimited time to sleep, play, and surf the internet. Before your child becomes entangled in the web, use this opportunity to learn how to increase his/her online safety.

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Meet the Pros: Log Into Safety!

Friday, June 19th, 12:30pm

This is an online event.

Meet the experts on online internet safety. Receive free resources for monitoring your child's internet usage. Try a new demo of our website-blocking tool, "Safe Surfing: Website Monitoring Service".

Meet the Organizer

Surf Like a Pro is the leading authority on online safety for children and teenagers. Founded by Natasha Hamilton, this non-profit works with parents to identify online resources, apps, publications, and tools to increase awareness of online safety and cyberbullying.


Child Protection vs. Child Rights -- Are they in conflict? by larry-magid

Portal for children and teenagers addressing cyberbullying, videos and online games geared towards internet safety