Moses Austin

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  • Born on October 4,1761 in Connecticut
  • Died on June 10,1821
  • Had 3 kids-Stephen F. Austin,Emily Austin,James E.B. Austin
  • Spouse-Mary Brown Austin


Who-Moses Austin

What-he was the first empresario on texas

When-1820 when he set out for Texas


Why-he wanted to be someone to be remember or he wanted to improve his self for success

Extra-had a son who stayed with what he have doned;Steven F. Austin

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he gone ):

how did he die? and what happened?

Moses Austin died suffering from pneumonia contracted in Texas, Moses Austin died on June 10, 1821. His final wishes were that his son, Stephen, carry on with his plans to colonize Texas. Stephen Fuller Austin (1793-1836), son of Moses Austin, was born on November 3, 1793, near his father's lead mines in Virginia.If your asking your self what's pneumonia,well you found the right persons to explain you what it is.Pneumonia is a lung inflammation caused by having bacteria,then your lungs start to fill up with pus and the pus may become solid and that will kill you.

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Moses Austin
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Moses Austin spent time in Connecticut,Pennsylvania,and Virginia.In the early 1800's he built a home in Missouri in the style of large southern homes.