HSD News Round-up

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Hawks to Hornets Literacy Program Excites HHES Readers

In the Spring of 2021, HHES Principal Josh Robertson, then-Associate Principal Meredith Gannon, and the school’s Building Leadership Team created an ambitious goal: To have every HHES student read at grade level by 3rd Grade. The reason behind this building-wide objective? According to Robertson, “Research shows having strong reading skills at 3rd grade predicts a student’s level of high school academic achievement, what courses they end up taking later, and even whether or not they end up graduating.”

HHS Athletic Director Kathy Pacheco and ASB Advisor Beth Tugaw heard about the school’s goal and recognized an opportunity for HHS students to give back by leading story time. On Oct. 5 the first group of ASB Leaders showed up to read an array of picture books to 1st Grade students. The next week Howie the Hawk, the HHS mascot, got into the act and participated in the read-aloud! Read the full story here.

Inside the Classroom: 3rd Grade

HHES Associate Principal Bess Colpron recently visited a 3rd Grade classroom and observed Natalia Gai use a game to cement her students’ understanding of math standards. The Round the Block activity gave students the opportunity to collaboratively apply the math skills, strategies, and vocabulary they learned earlier in the week during whole group instruction. Specifically, students were tasked with matching math expressions with arrays and worked together to navigate the difference between rows and columns. Students learned, moved, and laughed as they engaged in this experience together.

New Website Creates Question: Where are the Board Meeting Links?

Last school year, Zoom links to Board Meetings were posted at the top of the HSD website as an alert notification. Following the launch of our new website last month, board meeting links were moved into the “Upcoming Events” calendar on the main page. By clicking on the calendar event (e.g., “10/25 Board Meeting”) users can view that meeting's location and Zoom link.

The reason for this change is explained in the article “New Website = Changes & New Home for Board Mtg. Links,” which can be viewed here.

Hawk-o-Ween Virtual Auction Opens Saturday to Support HSD Academics, Athletics, and Activities

The 2021 AAA Booster Auction will be online this year. You can view the amazing items available for bid here. Item bidding opens Saturday, October 16 at 8:00 am and closes next Saturday, October 23 at 5:00 pm. The Boosters are constantly adding new items so check back regularly.

The 2019 Auction raised over $70,000 for HSD kids and with your support Hawk-o-Ween 2021 will be equally spooktacular!

Volunteers Needed for Committees “For/Against” School Levy

The Hockinson School District has not yet put a levy on the ballot to replace its current levy, which expires next year. However, the School Board has recognized the necessity of a replacement levy and any upcoming proposition of a local EP&O Levy will trigger the call for two committees: One that will write arguments for a levy and another to represent arguments against a levy for a voter’s pamphlet.

Each committee will consist of three volunteers that will be appointed by the Hockinson School Board. If you are interested in serving on either committee, please indicate your interest by sending an email to yesnolevy@hocksd.org with your Name, Address, Phone Number, and Preferred Email.

HSD Good Feels & Shout Outs

Every day, there are hundreds of feel-good and success stories in HSD classrooms. Here are just a couple from the past week:
The HMS cross country team finished their season on Wednesday with a meet at Abrams Park in Ridgefield. The girls team finished in first place and the boys team finished in second, respectively. Both HMS teams came together to create the most memorable finish of the season when they all ran alongside one of their teammates to close the meet! Kudos to coaches Janell Morley and Jessica Stecher for teaching conditioning, race strategy, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

A knee injury will prevent senior Mac Klodt from playing in his final basketball season at HHS. But it has not prevented him from making a difference with HHS athletics and activities! Mac has teamed up with his aunt and ASB Advisor Beth Tugaw to establish a council of sports captains and club/activity officers. The group, which named itself “Flight Crew” had its first meeting on October 14 and will continue to meet twice a month during Focus to improve school spirit and unity. “We want to make sure all students feel valued and important at HHS. We have a more positive culture when we work together,” says Klodt. Tugaw shares Klodt’s optimism. “I think this new leadership group adds another layer of student voice because it includes all groups and gives students a forum to make a big, collective difference at HHS.” She adds, “It will also help make our ASB leaders more aware of how we can help a club or team to new heights.”

Health & Safety Reminder

Fall is here and winter is on its way. Stay safe everyone!

Check the temperature and roads before driving. It can be frosty out there!

Cold and flu season has started and COVID-19 is still with us. Please reinforce the mitigation measures students follow at school at activities outside of school, including: Masking, social distancing, and hand washing.