Personality Type: True colors

Kade Carnicom

The over view of my color

I need to feel unique and authentic Enthusiastic, Sympathetic, Personal I look for meaning and significance in life Warm, Communicative, Compassionate I need to contribute, to encourage, and to care Idealistic, Spiritual, Sincere I value integrity and unity in relationships Peaceful, Flexible, Imaginative I am a natural romantic, a poet, a nurturer.

Child hood and relationships

I was raised to be a good child. I was raised to be competitive and nothing was given to you I had to earn everything. My parents were always pushing me to do my best.

work and leadership

I do work for lots of stuff in sports and i also have to work in school to do my best so I can play sports. I am a very good leader I encourage my teammates to do there best on the field I am always pushing them to do there best.

Symptoms of bad days

My symptoms of a bad day are not having anything to do I like practicing and lifting weights, so when I have nothing to do i have a bad day I get very bored. Also bad days for me are having lots of work to do in school, I don't like school but I do well for sports.

Thoughts about my color

I don't think This color tells about me I don't feel like it describes me as a person. I disagree with what the color says about what i like to do. I do not like poetry or natural Romance.I like to read about sports, and I don't enjoy nature. I don't like peace full areas i like to be places doing stuff all the time. Like playing sports or working out.
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Three characteristics that fit best And what don't fit

Communicative, to encourage, and Enthusiastic.

The ones I think don't fit are Poetry, Natural romance, and nurturer.

Jobs that fit my color




How my color affects me at work

It will help if its a teacher because if you communicative then you can talk to your students and understand them. If its a trainer the can encourage you to do your best. Two ways it wont help is if a coach is to enthusiastic then the kids may think that practice or games are a joke. Another reason would be If the teachers are to encouraging it may stress the student out and then they wont like that teacher.