Stages of Government

By Maddie Edgington

1.) Primitive Communism

The first stage of government is Primitive communism, and it goes all the way back to the Native Americans. Primitive communism was the hunters and gatherers society, and to get their food and water they had to travel all over to the different regions to get food in season. All of the stages of government were actually a theory of Karl Marx's, and everyone thought he was crazy but now we all go by those stages. The primitive communism stage ended when the people learned about domestic animals so they could follow them around and they would lead them to food. Also the development of agriculture and private property.

2.) Slave Society

Slave Society is the second stage of government and that is where there are two classes: Slaves, and slave owners. The slaves never got a say in anything and they were treated very poorly. The slave Society went on for about 400 years and ended when they completely ran out of slaves. Whenever they ran out of slaves they would go conquer another country. The stage ended when they kept conquering and they made an empire but it was to big so it fell apart.

3.) Feudalism

The third stage was feudalism and that was the time where the merchants started. This stage was all about profits and merchants and the battling of the nobles and lords. Feudalism fell when the nobles and lords fought for their wealth, and that's when the revolution started. Feudalism mainly occurred in Europe, and took place in the Middle ages.

4.) Capitalism

Stage 4 was Capitalism and it was all about the employers making money. For example the boss of the company made the product and started that company, and then he hires people to work for him. Those employees did mostly all the work but the and the company is making millions. The boss gets $500,000 a day and the employees get $12 an hour. That is how Capitalism works. Capitalism fell when the employees were not paid for the work they did, and they rebelled because they were not getting any rest, then they all took over the factories.

5.) Socialism

Socialism was the 5th stage and it was just a practice stage. Socialism was a practice stage for communism. The people thought if socialism worked then they could go right to communism. Socialism was succesful so they then moved on to Communism.

6.) Communism

Communism was known as the perfect society, and it was the last stage of government. Communism is where everything people need is provided. Everyone is in the same class and everything is equal. If someone needed money, they automatically got it. No one was poor/homeless and everything was safe. In communism there is no government. Government is not needed because everything is perfect.

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