September 17th-21st

September 17-21

Monday- September 17th: First day of the new organization with our grade 5/6 class. As we work through this week we will adjust planning time schedules and gym schedules as needed. We will touch base with you about changes as we work through them.

Tuesday- September 18th: Mr. McCrady and Mr. Macdonald's classes will be going to Gould Lake for the day. It is the first day of their canoe trips. Parent Council meeting will take place at 6:30pm in the Resource Centre.

Wednesday- September 19th: Mr. McCrady and Mr. Macdonald classes gone on their 3 day canoe trip with Mrs. Revell. Mr. Morency gone to Principal meeting all day and Mme. Kay will join for the afternoon session of the meeting. Applications close for our 5/6 job.

Thursday- September 20th: Grade 7/8 and 8 canoe trip continued. Richelle Bowen our new Intermediate Guidance Counsellor will be visiting our school.

Friday- September 21st: Grade 7/8 and 8 canoe trip continued. Mr. Morency, Mrs. Sinclair, and Mrs. Gibson at the Board Office for PD in the morning only.

Important Dates for September

Monday, September 17th- First day of reorganization with the new 5/6 class.

Tuesday, September 18th- PAC meeting at 6:30pm in the Resource Centre.

Wednesday, September 26th- PICTURE DAY

Thursday, September 27th- Open House

Friday, September 28th- PA Day

Thursday, October 4 - Lancaster X/C Race beginning at 4:00

Wednesday, October 10 - Regional X/C Race at Fort Henry (10:30 start)

Tuesday, October 16 - District Championships at Fort Henry (10:30 start)

Soccer tournaments Gr 6-8 (boys, girls and co-ed) will be taking place the last week of September (dates coming soon)

Monday September 24th - 10am: Terry Fox assembly followed by walk/run in the yard. More info to come tomorrow and Mme Kyer is hoping to have notes ready to go home by second block tomorrow.

Please let us know if there are other dates that need special mention.