April 24-28

What are we doing in math class this week?

Monday- We are learning to manipulate an equation into slope intercept form (solve for y)

Homework Due: 65 Questions- Solve Equations

HW Assigned: packet pages 1-3

Tuesday- We are learning to sketch the graph of a linear equation

Homework Due: Packet pages 1-3

HW Assigned: Packet pages 4-9

Wednesday- We are learning to graph an equation using the x and y intercepts

Homework Due: packet pages 4-9

Homework Assigned: packet pages 11-14

Thursday- We are learning to match tables, graphs, and equations for linear functions

Homework Due: packet pages 11-14

Homework Assigned: 16-24


Homework Due: packet pages 11-14

No Homework assigned. Have a great weekend!