Stave 1

Meeting Scrooge

Who do we meet?

In Stave 1, the first Character we meet is Scrooge. He's the main character. The other character's we see are Bob Cratchit, Fred (Scrooge's nephew), and two unspecified men raising money.

Character traits

1. Scrooge- Scrooge is very angry all the time, he's mean and hateful. Not to mention how selfish he is.

2. Bob Cratchit- Bob is a friendly young gentleman who works for Scrooge. Scrooge is very mean to him and pays him little. Since he has not much money, his son is sick and may not recover.

3. Fred- Fred is Scrooge's nephew, he's very happy and friendly.

Stave 2

The First of the Three Ghosts
The first Ghost was the Ghost of Christmas Past. He was a short, distorted, and stout figure with a light glowing from his head. He took Scrooge to the town he grew up in. First, he showed Scrooge himself as a lonely boy reading. As the years progressed, it was the same scenario. Until Scrooge's apprenticeship for Mr. Fezziwig, who was a kind joyous man. Finally, he was shown himself as a grown man talking to his sister. Scrooge was being selfish and his sister later died of an unknown cause. The reason for the ghost to show this to Scrooge is to show him how he became the way he is. Scrooge became a little emotional during the first ghost.
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Stave 3

The Second of the Three Ghosts
The Second Ghost to visit Scrooge was the Ghost of Christmas Present. He was a huge, hearty ghost. He sat atop a pile of food and waited for Scrooge in the next room. The took Scrooge around the city to see Tiny Tim Cratchit, who was dying and Bob didn't have enough money to help him. Then they saw his nephew, who was playing games at his party, they made fun of Scrooge. After that, they saw miners and sailors, who, despite being poor, were singing Carols and enjoying themselves. The reason Scrooge was brought around to these places was to show him people enjoying Christmas. The Cratchits and the miners were enjoying themselves even though they had little money. Fred was having fun at his party, all of this was happening while Scrooge was being angry and alone.
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Stave 4

The Last of the Three Ghosts
In this Stave, The Ghost of Christmas Past shows up and takes Scrooge around. He's the scariest of all the ghosts. He wears a black hood on a black robe and does not speak to Scrooge, just points. First, they hear people speaking of somebody who has died, then see Scrooge's employees stealing his things. He takes Scrooge to the Cratchit's house to find out that Tiny Tim is dead. Then they go to Scrooge's own gravestone and Scrooge freaks out. The reason for all of this is to give Scrooge one final scare in order to bring him back to being a good person.
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Stave 5

The End of It
In the 5th and final Stave, Scrooge awakes to find that he's not dead. He goes out and buys a Turkey for the Cratchits and Tiny Tim lives. He gives Bob a raise. Scrooge also visits his nephew and pays the man raising money a big amount. The moral of this story is to always be generous, because to true pursuit to success and happiness is not money, but rather friendliness and generosity.
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