Oil Drilling in Ecuador

Yasuni National Park,Ecuador

Economic Impact

In 2007 Ecuador's president Rafael Correa made the hardest decision in his goverment.

Ecuador will go ahead with major oil exploration in an Amazonian nature reserve.The reserve is believed to hold 920 million barrels of oil.The oil drilling will generate 13.3 billion us d.This will incredibly boost the economy,but is boosting the economy really worth the damage is?

Environmental Effects of Oil Drilling

Oil drilling can leave in-reversal damage from contaminated waters to killing humans.Mercury, for example, will accumulate in the organisms tissues faster than it can be excreted. Indigenous peoples have been fishing their ancestral lands and rivers for generations. Only now, the waters are toxic and the fish they are consuming have been feeding upon other organisms that have been bioaccumulating metals.
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Is Economic growth really worth the cost?Is it also really worth disturbing the worlds only biosphere park?I say that we go ahead but they will not be aloud to touch any of the Yasuni park.