Middle Childhood Heath Concerns

Hearing, Vision, Teeth, Obesity By: Cheyenne Hopper 2nd


  • By 11 children have the auditory awareness of adults
  • Ear infections can be a health problem
  • If ear infections go untreated it can cause permanent hearing lost


  • Many preschool children are somewhat farsighted
  • This means they can see objects in the distance more clearly
  • The most common vision is nearsighted
  • Nearsighted means being able to see close objects more clearly than those at a distance


  • Tooth loss can have a psychological effect on some children
  • They become self-conscious
  • Tooth decay is common in school-age children


  • Obesity is excessive bodily fat
  • Obesity is becoming a common problem among school-age children
  • Being obese can seriously impact a child's emotional health
  • They get teased and have fewer friends
  • Many obese children have over weight parents