Educational Poison

By:George Chronakos

The problem

Hello my name is Billy Bob and I have a huge issue with the school lunches that are served to the students at my school. The school lunches that we get are incredibly unhealthy. For instance they are loaded with fats and sugars and contribute to childhood obesity. I have also found out that the meat that the school has is a lower grade than McDonalds'. Now I don't know if that's true or not but that's not something I want to be putting in my mouth if it is.

The proposal

I we should sell the school lunches on the market in every grocery store. Then we should make a law that everyone in the united states including the government officials should be forced to buy and eat the food for a whole year. They will eventually feel themselves get so unhealthy that they will have to change the food to a better and healthier food. Then they will figure out that the lunches are not as healthy as they say they are. Overtime they will get fat and then they wont make us eat that food. If they don't eat or buy the food, they will be arrested and thrown into a prison for 5 years or more depending how many times they broke the law.

The Plan and Any Rebuttals

All the money that will fund my proposal will come from the government. The society may not like it but they will have to deal with it for a year and then they will understand how we the kids feel after we eat the lunch. In order for the government to know who is buying and eating the food they will put a microchip under their skin and it will monitor what they eat, buy, and where they bought them from.

The advantages

The main advantage to having this law is that nobody will ever have to depend on their social class to get out of it. Cause everyone has to have the food. I also think that the economy would rise and all the companies profits will rise and then they wont go out of business. Once the market rises the government will understand how much this is working, but will also understand how bad the food is.

The Expedients

I believe if the government wont do any of my plan I think the schools should ask the students what they want for lunch and ask them to make their own lunch menus. Or they could bring their own food from home and not have to deal with the horrible lunches. I would say bringing your own food would be the best way to make sure you don't become unhealthy.

The Conclusion

For extra support I would email celebrities such as Adrian Peterson, Carrie Underwood, etc. Just to see if they would star in a commercial for me to get the word out. I would also so facts about how unhealthy school lunches are during the commercial.


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