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The History Of Pokemon

The pokemon company GAME FREAK started their pokemon games in 1998, starting of with the games green, yellow, red, and blue for the gameboy console. In the year of (1999 Japan 2000 Australia and North America 2001 Europe) the games gold and silver came out for the gameboy color. It was not until 2000 until crystal came out. For the gameboy advance pokemon ruby and sapphire came out in (2002 Japan 2003 North America, Australia, and Europe) and emerald came out in 2004. In 2004 pokemon fire red and leaf green was released for the gameboy advance and was a remake of the games red and green. The first DS games were diamond and pearl coming out in (2006 Japan, 2007 North America, Australia, and Europe 2008 Korea) but that was two of the games. The third game was pokemon platinum this game did not come out until (2008 Japan 2009 North America, Australia, and Europe). After that came pokemon heart gold and soul silver and it was a remake of the games gold and silver. The game was released in (2009 Japan 2010 North America, Australia, and Europe). Now I am going to tell you about black, white, black 2, and white 2. The first games out of the four that I said are black and white. It was for the DS and it was published in (2010 Japan 2011 North America, Australia, and Europe). The next games that I am going to tell you are a remake of the games black and white, black and white 2. This game was released in 2012 and it was published two years after black and white was originally published (see a thing here black and white twooo and twooo years after it was originally published). After those games came pokemon x and y, it opened to shops world wide in the year of 2013. These are the games are omega ruby and alpha sapphire. The games came out in 2014. Until the next games come out or your reading this in the future we do not know what are going to come out.
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The regions of the pokemon world

The region Kanto was the first region to come out going with the games red, blue, yellow, and green. The next region was Johto. The games the Johto region introduce the games gold, silver, crystal, and the remakes heart gold and soul silver. After that the region of Hoenn came along. The games that Hoenn introduces are pokemon emerald, ruby, and sapphire and the remakes of those games omega ruby and alpha sapphire. Next up is the Sinnoh region which introduces the games diamond, pearl, and platinum. Then comes the Unova region. The Unova region introduces the games black white and the remakes black 2 and white 2. The last region is the Kalos region and this region introduces the games X and Y.

What is the main goal in Pokemon?

Your goal in the game is to go to cites to find gyms to face gym leaders and attempt to beat them and if you win you earn a gym badge and you try to get all eight gym badges (sixteen if you are playing heart gold or soul silver). Then after you do that you have to face the elite four with your pokemon and if you beat all four you get to battle the champion and if you win you beat the game.

Who is your rival?

If you have the original games (red blue yellow green) than your rival is named blue. Next games are gold silver and crystal, if you have any one of those games than your rival is named silver. Then after those games comes came ruby sapphire and emerald. This has a little twist to it, you've got your main rival named May if your playing as a boy and Brendan if your playing as a girl and you got a secondary rival named Wally who you don't battle as much as your main rival . The next games are fire red and leaf green. Your rival is still blue but when you battle him for the last time you battle him to become the champion of the Kanto region so if you beat him you become champion of the Kanto region. The next games are diamond pearl and platinum and the name of your rival in these games is Berry. Then heart gold and soul silver came out and your rivals default name was silver once again. Then there was black and white. In this game you have two rivals and there names were Cheren and Bianca and in black two and white 2 you have a rival named Hugh. In the games X and Y your rival is Calem if your a girl and Serena if your a boy and you have three secondary rivals that don't battle you often, their names are Shauna, Tierno, and Trevor. The next games are omega ruby and alpha sapphire, and these games the rivals are just the same as ruby sapphire and emerald so if your a boy your rival is May and if your a girl your rival is Brendan and the secondary rival is named Wally and that's all of the rival in pokemon.
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Which pokemon do you want?

In the begging of the game you get to pick a starter pokemon. You have a choice to pick from a fire type a water type and a grass type so make sure you pick carefully and remember there is no wrong answer. I am going tell you all of the starter pokemon begging with the games red blue yellow and green (Kanto region). So the starter pokemon for these games are bulbasur (grass type) charmander (fire type) and squirtle (water type). Now we move on to the Johto region which introduces us to three new pokemon and those three new pokemon are chikorita (grass type) cyndaquil (fire type) totodile (water type). Here comes my favorite region Hoenn, now the starters for this region are mudkip (water type) torchic (fire type) and treecko (grass type). Next comes the sinnoh region. This includes the pokemon chimchar (fire type) piplup (water type) turtwig (grass type). Then we move on to the Unova region which introduces three pokemon and those pokemon are snivy (grass type) tepig (fire type) and oshawott (water type). After that comes the Kalos region which introduces the pokemon cheapin (grass type) fennekin (fire type) and froakie (water type)

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