Middle East and Islam Today

By: Danica McAdams and Megan Klotter

Israel and Palestinian Conflict

Many of the Israeli people are clashing with the Palestinian people. This has been causing many rebellions against the government and conflicts between the two ethnic groups. People have been taking this conflict personally. There has been military involvement and the police are trying to limit the violence. Example of the violence is airstrikes, bombings, and killings of lots of children. There has been lots of arguments over the Gaza Strip. It was decided that the Palestinians get the Gaza Strip. The Palestinians want social and economic development for the land that they have. But it seems like there will never be a solution to the violence. Some people say that the result is no winner and no loser.

Kenya Terrorist attacks from 2011-2014

Terrorist attacks have been frequent in Kenya recently. The government is finding it hard to protect the country with so many threats and attacks. The main target of these terrorists attacks are mostly Christians. During it is common to see that the terrorists usually kept Christians hostage while letting Muslims go. Many schools are attacked because the terrorists see the schools as "soft, symbolic targets." This kind of attack spreads fear and gets attention. The border usually has weak spots and the security can be inconsistent. Since the country is getting weaker, terrorist attack will most likely continue.

Women and Islam

Women who are Islamic don't have the same rights as men. They do not have gender equality. People have certain expectations for the women. They are expected to marry, obey husbands, bring up their children, stay at home, and avoid participation in the public world. They are forbidden to have education and are not allowed to get jobs. They are denied free choice and the right to self- govern. Official Islamization programs also have led to serious violations of the human rights to women. Hopefully this problem will be solved sooner than later.


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