One Pager - Martin Luther King Jr.

By: Kayden Jeffrey 7th Period 5/6/15

Quote and Picture

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  • Known mostly for the "I have a dream" speech
  • One of the most iconic person to do with civil rights
  • Had 4 children that inspired him to do this
  • Went to jail because of protests
  • Started the Montgomery Bus Boycott
  • Used to have a really bad stutter
  • Had most of his speeches already prepared in college
  • Worked on the "I have a dream" speech for about 1 month

Inspired Change

Martin Luther King Jr. inspired change in many people both black and white. He mostly inspired people through his speeches. One of his more famous one is the "I have a dream" speech. On rare occasions he spoke through his actions like with the Montgomery Bus Boycott. He had inspired many people for a cause that was not too popular and ended getting him assassinated.

M.L.K Vs. Today

Racism was horrible in the 1950's and 60's but Martin Luther King Jr. helped eliminate some of that. While he did not get rid of all of it he did a really good job even though there are still some racial slurs directed towards people. He ended up doing what he believed what was right and helped change the world. It looks like his dream came true.