I Am Me

By: Nafis Wahab

Samsung Galaxy S3

I have the Samsung Galaxy S3. I use it to do everything. I got it in October. I love it . It is the best phone to me. I am glad that i got it. I check everything on it. I do school things on it. I love that you could do anything on it.

I play basketball

I play basketball. I have been playing basketball for 7 years. I play in my neighborhood. I like to play basketball. I was on a team for 5 years. I like to play with friends and cousins. I play everyday. I play whenever I have free time. I play with my brothers and sister.


I like algebra. I like algebra because I like to challenge myself with numbers. Math is my favorite subject. I like how you have a lot of concepts you have to remember. I like my teacher that I have for algebra. I like how you know that you don't ever get bored in algebre. I used to get bored in pre-algebra. I like to take challenges in my life

I am Guyanese

My parent are Guyanese. They are from Guyana in South America. Guyana is wonderful and a nice place to go on a vacation. Guyana is a Caribbean that is not an island. Georgetown is the capital of Guyana. It was the British colony for 200 years. When the got independence on May 26, 1966 from the United Kingdom. In February 23 ,1970 it finally became a republic.