Opposition to Authority Disorder

or ODD

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Symptoms: anger issues, defies orders or rules, blames others for own mistakes, spiteful or vindictive

Although ODD can affect anyone, it mostly affects children and teens

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Although there are no clear causes known, contributing causes are most likely a combination of:

-Genetics: what the child is born with- Parents have OCD, ADHD, Bipolar/ Depression disorder, brain chemical imbalance.

-Environment: how and where the child is raised- Poor parent child relationship, neglectful parents

Impacts: Can cause impairment in social, academic, or occupational functioning.

ODD could also potentially lead to suicide, depression, antisocial behavior, anxiety, substance abuse.

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Support: at home- encouraging and praising good behavior while developing stronger parent child bonds

  • Parent-Management Training Programs and Family Therapy to teach family members how to manage and understand the person’s behavior.
  • Cognitive Problem-Solving Skills Training - teaching the child/teen positive and more useful ways of dealing with situations.
  • Medication may be useful to help control some of the symptoms and calm the adolescent/child but medication alone is not a treatment for Opposition to authority disorder.

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