In order to draw people need empathy by: Justin miller

To a young artist by: Anna Deavere Smith and zebra by: Chaim Polok

Does a person need empathy to create great art?

If an artist are empathetic they have more imagination what to create. An artist needs to use there harts not there hands. For an example if an artist does not use there The heart then the art would not be better then using there heart
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2 main points

1. Empathy requires a very highly develop imagination

2. We need to develope the eye the ear and the heart.


An artist does not need empathy to creat great art so that he/she has a better imagination

This proves that you need empathy while drawing. We need to develop the eye the ear and the hart. That proves in order to draw you need empathy. It shows that on page 123 paragraph 4 it says " we need to develop the Eye the ear and heart

if you don't have empathy

Even if someone that does not have empathy can still create great art. for an example if someone draws someone playing basketball and he knows a lot about basket ball but he has no empathy and someone els draws a picture of someone playing basketballand he has empathy, the person who has no empathy will still draw a better picture

Not every one needs empathy to draw

If someone can draw well and is not empathetic their art still come out good enough.


A person does needs empathy to create great art. Do you need empathy to create great art?
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