On Corian Counter top

Useful Information On Corian Counter top

There was a time when granite countertops were quartz vs granite found in high end homes. Even though it is expensive you can find these in most of the houses now. Many homeowners can compromise on carpet or paint but not on granite countertop. You may be wondering why homeowners are attracted towards granite countertop. The main reason is that they give a natural look to your kitchen. Since granite countertops are made up of natural materials, you are limited in your color choices to those found in nature. Different finishes are available in granite countertop. These can be polished or matte, tumbled or flamed look.

Tumbled looks have curved edges. Flamed granite countertop is torched to give a textured look quartz stone . You will not find two similar pieces of granite look alike. Only if you tell your contractor that you want same granite for your kitchen or bathroom can you may be assured of the same look. A contractor or other home improvement professional can explain any differences. Granite countertop can take any type of abuse heaped by busy housewives or children. You can place any hot pan in this countertop. Use protective measures like coasters for drinks, hot pads for hot pans and cutting boards when preparing foods. Liquids like alcohol and lemon juice can dull the granite, so clean any spills immediately.

Many housewives can roll their biscuit dough in granite countertop without worrying about the damage. These can be cleaned easily. Just use mild detergent or soap to clean it. Avoid abrasive cleaners or acids. Use a soft cleaning cloth on the granite wholesale granite countertops and avoid using scouring pads. The cost of granite may range from $70 to $100 per square foot. To reduce costs you can use granite countertop in those areas which are visible to visitors and use laminated countertop in other areas. You can get discounted granite. Discounted granite countertops are usually thinner cut and sometimes applied to a piece of plywood backing for added stability. You can get discounted granite from countries where hourly wages are lower and pre-fabrication is done ahead of time.

Granite has been used in the past to build ancient cities and historic buildings. It would be a great idea granite slabs if you use a professional contractor to install and reseal the granite countertops. Many home improvement stores and online stores sell granite countertops. Both of them offer deals that will help cut costs of your granite countertops.