My Virtual Resume

By: Cathleen Dhaliwal

My Academic S.M.A.R.T Goal

My educational target for grade 12

By the time I graduate high school, I would like to have (at least) a ninety percent average.

S.M.A.R.T Goal:

S - my goal is to maintain (or improve upon) my average of 90% by the time that I am in grade 12 and about to graduate from high school.

M - my goal is measurable because I will be able to see my final grade on my report card, and throughout the semesters leading up to my final semester, I can keep track of my grades by calculating my average myself. Once I do receive my report card, I can add all of my marks and average them to check if I reached my goal.

A - some of the small actions that I can take are beginning to study earlier than usual, because the way that I believe I lose most marks is by being late to study for tests, cramming, and then losing a lot of my sleep. I think that I can improve my marks by studying at least 2 days before a test, and review up until the day of the test.

R - my goal is realistic because my former midterm marks gave me an average of ninety-three, and I think that I will be able to maintain these types of grades. I don't think I will be able to get higher than a 93% average in grade 12 because the material that we learn in grade eleven and twelve will be different and much harder than the things that we are learning now. But I also believe that with hard work, I will be able to at least attain a 90% average before I graduate from high school.

T - I want to achieve this goal by the time I graduate from high school, which should be June 2018.

My Volunteering S.M.A.R.T Goal

My Volunteering Goal for Grade 12

S - my volunteering goal is to achieve a minimum of 50 hours by June

2018, when I graduate high school.

M - my goal is measurable because I can record the amount of hours that I get when I volunteer at different places. I already have 40 hours, and when I continue volunteering, I will receive a sheet with a number of hours I will receive for volunteering.

A - the actions that I will take to fulfill my goal will be spread throughout the remaining years of my high school experience. I already plan on volunteering at the Peel Water Festival at the Heart Lake Convention Centre on May 30th of this year. This event should give me at least 7 hours, bringing me even closer to completing my goal. During the summer, I could also volunteer at my local temple, or the police department, or even the hospital.

R - my goal is realistic because I have already started on my goal and the number of hours I want to achieve by grade 12 is not outrageous. I already have 40 hours and I only need ten more hours to reach my goal. I can complete the remaining hours anytime I like because I already have the required amount of hours.

T - I want to achieve my goal of 50 hours of voluntary service by the time I graduate high school in June 2018.

My Future Pathway

Future Me

My Future Resume


365 Father Tobin Rd, Brampton, ON L6R 0R4

(905)- 793-5451 |


Detail-oriented Medical Assistant with extensive experience performing medical clerical duties and patient screenings in a busy clinical setting. I would like to obtain an entry-level position that would allow me to enhance and practice my communication and interpersonal skills to contribute to Ansley Medical’s goals and mission.


- Louise Arbour Secondary School – Brampton, ON, Canada

High School Diploma

- McMaster’s University – Hamilton, ON, Canada

Bachelor of Science, Medicine

3.0 GPA

- McMaster’s University – Hamilton, ON, Canada

Master of Science: Medicine and Family Practices

4.0 GPA


- Brampton Health and Wellness Centre – Brampton, ON

Physician Assistant

Oversaw implementation of patient management plans.

- Ardène – Brampton, ON


Recommended merchandise based on customer needs.

Operated a cash register to process cash, check and credit card transactions.

- Brampton Civic Hospital – Brampton, ON

Student Observer and Worker

Provided medical consultations and treatments under physician supervision.

Frequently commended for maintaining the safety, respect and dignity of residents.

Instructed patients and family members on proper discharge care.


- Strong medical ethic

- Problem resolution ability

- Extensive medical terminology knowledge

- Patient/family focused


Volunteer, Canadian Red Cross

- worked with very diverse populations

- helped care for Canadians without resources and healthcare

Volunteer, Region of Peel, Peel Water Festival

- chosen as 1 of 3 most enthusiastic students

- explained and taught students about water dams


- Ontario Physicians Association's Licence to practice in Ontario (OPA)

- CPR Certification

- Certified Home Health Aide


- Peel Art and Essay Festival

- Academic Honour Roll


Ankoor Sharma, Grade A Tutors, Tutor (905) - 789 – 9673

Candace Noguiera, Teacher (905) - 789 - 1707

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Challenges and Solutions of being a Physician

In every career, there are ups and downs. A certain career may be very stress-causing and difficult for one person, and a dream to another. But one thing is for sure, no job is without challenges or solutions. At a glance, the career of my choice, which was a family physician, or a doctor, seems to be very stressful and nerve-racking. This is true. Physicians suffer from the stress of many different things that pertain to their career. Violent patients, medicine spills, infectious diseases, all these challenges follow suit with this career path. One of the biggest challenges that a physician might deal with on a daily basis would be the fear of an accident. Medicine can be a very dangerous business, and just one slip up could be deadly. A doctor is constantly dealing with the heavy responsibility of protecting and preserving life. If anyone, possibly a patient or a careless employee, were to mess around with some equipment or some medicine, there could be severe consequences. Even if there are no accidents, there is always a hint of doubt, there is always a possibility that such an event could occur. With the constant anxiety of an accident, it is also possible that the doctor themselves may slip up, as all humans do make mistakes. The real cause of fear and stress is the consequence of the accident, which could lead to patient un-comfort, the spreading of disease, or even death. If an accident were to occur, a doctor could start showing signs of depression or anxiety, or even develop post-traumatic stress disorder, as could a patient. To deal with these challenges, there are many steps a doctor could take. The most common solution to this type of stress is facing the problem at hand. Checking to make sure all equipment is working, all medicine dosages are correct, etc., can go a long way in reducing accidents on the job. Relaxation techniques are also very effective in reducing stress. Activities like yoga or exercising can help one feel much happier and much healthier, leading to reduced stress and anxiety.

Another rather large challenge that physicians face is the loss of a patient, either by accident or due to the course of nature. Physicians getting attached or developing caring feelings towards their patients is no rare occurrence, as it is their job to care for others. Whether they have years of experience or are just starting off in this line of work, it is inevitable that a physician will attain a sense of compassion towards their patients, maybe some more than others. If a physician were to lose a close patient, they may start to develop symptoms of Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder. A physician may also feel incompetent and useless if they cannot save the life of their patient, which is why a doctor who loses many patients can easily fall into depression. A doctor could also feel like they have a hand in the death of a patient. Sometimes doctors feel that if they had used a different type of treatment, or given them a different medication, the life of a late patient could have been saved. It is these types of thoughts that keep physicians up at night and lead to mental illnesses. Usually, when a patient is young and very ill, physicians feel sympathetic and care for them with extra passion. Of course, not everyone can be saved, and it is important that everyone working in the medical field understand this thoroughly, so that they themselves do not overwork themselves, or burn themselves out. Even though this is a very serious and difficult challenge to handle, there are always solutions. Situations like these are usually bettered with relaxation methods and diversion tactics, but a doctor can always resort to Cognitive Behavioural therapy if they believe that they need more help. Cognitive Behavioral therapy is a form of psychotherapy which was originally created to treat depression but is now used as a treatment for all types of different mental disorders. With time, patience, therapy, relaxation activities and diversion tactics, the stress of losing a patient may become reduced. The most important thing for a doctor to remember that they are a human as well and that they themselves cannot save everyone.

Personally, I believe that if I choose to become a family physician, one of the biggest future challenges I would be dealing with would be the loss of a patient. I think this would be a challenge for me because I seem to get attached to people very quickly. If I were to make a mistake, I would feel extremely bad and want to end my career as a physician, so if I do pursue this career then I would have to make sure to be careful and remember that not everyone can be saved, but to always try my best in saving them. Furthermore, I believe that I would also struggle with the stress of an accident, or always be in fear of one happening since I know the consequences. Medical accidents can lead to injury or even death, so if an accident occurs on the job, this can also lead to a loss of a patient, which would create even more guilt and anxiety on my shoulders.

In conclusion, a physician must be a realist and accept the fact that on this specific career path, accidents are bound to happen, and patients are bound to die. A doctor should not punish themselves with the death of every single patient, but perhaps try and comfort their families as well as themselves. A doctor should also ensure that their working space and their materials are all working properly to prevent accidents because prevention is the best medicine. A physician must be able to take care of themselves, both mentally and physically, in order to take care of others, and perform their duties to the best of their abilities.

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