Tappan Zee High School Prom-ise

A promise made to your family, your school, your friends.

Parents, Help Make Memories NOT Regrets

"Injuries and car accidents after parent-hosted parties remind us that no parent can completely control the actions of intoxicated youth, during or after a party..."

We are asking for your help in making prom night safe for our teens by following these simple tips:

  • Do not serve alcohol at any party you are hosting.
  • Know where your teenager is attending a party, verify there will be parental supervision and the party will be alcohol-free.
  • An adult who provides alcohol to a minor is breaking the law and is risking that child's life.
  • The legal drinking age is 21.
  • Make it clear that you DO NOT approve of them drinking alcohol. Educate your teenager about the risks and harmful effects associated with underage drinking.
  • A minor who consumes alcohol is violating the law and risks his/her life as well as the lives of others.
  • Know who is driving, if it's a limo company, check their policy of allowing alcohol in the vehicle.

Students, Pledge the "Prom Prom-ise!"

"I promise not to use alcohol or other drugs. This is a promise I take seriously. It is one I intend to keep, for my sake and the sake of my friends and family."

Click here to sign and add your name to the wall of "2014 Classmates" who have pledged the "Prom Promise!"

I want to live. I want to laugh. I want to listen to great music and dance.

Please help protect your child's bright future by providing a safe, alcohol free graduation and prom celebration. A list of local limousine companies that Prom-ise NOT to drive students under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances. See the list of limousine companies below.

Limousine Companies that have taken the 2014 TZHS Prom-ise