The Roman Times

By: Sarah Emery

The Luprical Races

It is Time!! It is Time! Yes it is that time indeed for The Annual Luprical Races. During the Feast of Lupricalia we celebrate to get rid of our evil spirits, purifying our cities, and celebrating the health and fertility of our great Rome. From the 13th to the 15th we shall celebrate our city. We celebrate our dear founder Romulius and Remus for slaying the terrorist Lupa. For those travelers she was the she wolf we celebrate Lupricalia or 'Wolf Festival' in honor of her defeat.

As we start our festival off with the Luprical Races, we see dear Caesar awaiting the start as he whispers to our noble Antony. What does he whisper? Well were pretty sure it was to strike Calpurnia because he just did! Hmm we wish Calpurnia safe delivery during her pregnancy. We see the men run and in first place comes Antony! The fastest of them all! What a great way to start off the Luprical Festivities for more Luprical Events read our covers every day!

Rome Crashing Down

The tragedy. The death. The horror. The mayhem. What trouble has become our great Rome? Since Caesars death we have notice the downfall of our great powerful city. From riots in the streets to our great leaders fighting for dominance and revenge. What will become of our great city? When will the mayhem end?

Food is beginning to shorten. Our death tolls have risen. With the citizens fighting for Brutus and the citizens fighting for Antony clash... it is a blood bath. The streets are filthy and fires are arising. 5 homes perished in flames from mobs of angry rioters. It looks like the end. With no food, death, and fighting, where is Rome headed? Right now it looks like a downward spiral. Hopefully a victor can save us from the downfall of us all.

Caesar is Irreproachable!!!

This letter was sent to us or the defense of our fallen leader Julius Caesar

Dear the Roman Times,

I have written this letter in the defense of the fallen Julius Caesar. He, in fact, was ambitious as Brutus and Cassius say. Antony was correct! He was not ambitious in a bad way, but good. He has wept with us in the streets wanting to help us. He has blessed your children with his mighty kiss upon the forehead and arouse them to the gods as for them to look over them. He spent time with us making our needs and worries known. He was a great leader!

Who is Brutus to say that Ambition is wrong? To achieve and have a strong desire to lead is wrong? So if the desire to achieve something or lead is wrong then does Brutus deserve to lead? Does he have the right to lead us if he is also ambitious? Caesar has never done us wrong. He has never abused his power, never mistreated us as citizens, and he has never killed anyone for the sake of wanting to kill someone.

He refused the crown thrice! What more could he possibly do that would make ambition such a 'terrible' word. We need to open up our eyes and realize that we would not have all this mayhem and fighting if Caesar was still alive. We would not be short on food, we would not have so much death and uproar. Caesar was a great fallen leader. We should honor him by realizing what is right and what is wrong.

This leaves us to wonder. What if this citizen is right? What if Caesar was ambitious, but for the good?

In Memoriam

We would like to dedicate this section to our infamous fighter Portia.

The wife of our dear Brutus was battling an inner struggle. She took her own life the other day. She was an intelligent, beautiful, strong woman who was respected by many. Her lose has a great effect on some of the citizens, but she will always be remembered. We will remember her not for her inner struggles that caused her to take her life, but the Portia who wept with our poor, cared for our children, and captivated everyone with her strength and beauty. We honor this spot in The Roman Times in memoriam of Portia.

The Big Battle

We were able to catch up with Brutus and Antony to see what we could find out about the plan for this epic rivalry of revenge and the common good. We were able to talk to Brutus first. He states,

“We are fighting for the common good of Rome. All we want is the best for our great city and the citizens apart of it. Caesar was ambitious.

We did not want to take a chance in case he was too powerful to stop. Our plan is to convince Antony that this fight is foolish and to stop with the reckless hysteria. We are on Rome’s side. We are only fighting to protect it and if that shall come to having to fight Antony and his men then we shall. Even though that is not the plan, we fear that it has come down to a squabble."

We shall see what the outcome is. But let’s talk with Antony about his views and plans.

Antony's message and reasoning was clear. He states “Yes. We want to avenge Caesar, but we have Rome’s best interest in mind. Caesar was a great leader and cared about all the citizens of Rome, but he was betrayed by a very loyal friend of his. We not only want to requite the death of him but to save Rome from future unfit and betraying leaders.

Our plan is to attack until the leaders are captured and we return to Rome victorious. We do not want to take their lives but they must pay for their poor judgment of character and betrayal. We will be victorious."

Is it getting hot in here? We will see who comes out victorious, and lead Rome in a hopeful rise from the mayhem and tragedy that has become our glorious Rome.