Does The Media Glamorize Violence?


Glamorize- Make glamorous and attractive. Violence- Behavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something. Should these two words go together? The medical community has been concerned about the media glamorizing violence since the 1950's. Many people think media violence is just a myth, that it isn't the influence behind these people's actions. Violence is a big deal, and the media is influencing people to be more violent and aggressive.

Lot's of Media Exposes People to Violence

  • 12% of 22 million 10-14 yr. olds saw 40 of the most violent movies in 2003.
  • A survey of more than 1500 10-15 yr. olds revealed that 38% had been exposed to violent images on the internet.
  • ESRB (Entertainment Software Ratings Board) rating of video games revealed that more than 1/2 of all games are rated as containing violence, including 90% or more of games as appropriate for kids 10 and older.

So Many Violent Acts Are Seen Real or Not

  • A typical american child will view more than 200,000 acts of violence including about 16,000 murders in the media before age 18.
  • Television programs show 812 violent acts per hour.
  • Children's programming, notably cartoons, show up to 20 violent acts an hour.

Hero's Are a Bad Example

  • Some research have demonstrated that young children will imitate acts on T.V while playing with peers.
  • Before age 4, children aren't able to distinguish between fact and fantasy and many view violence as an ordinary occurrence.
  • Hero's are violent and are rewarded for their behavior. It is "cool" to carry a weapon and use it to get rid of bad guys.