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SEPTEMEBER TECH NEWS! Reporting by: Sharon Cardia-Instructional Technology Coach

Students have been in the labs taking online assessments (Linkit) that incorporated PARCC-like skills. Some of the skills included: following a GOOGLE-FORM like format where students needed to click circles, check boxes, expand windows, navigate tabs, type in a text box, highlight text, choose from a drop-down menu, drag and drop, and more.

All grades have been familiarizing themselves with their "STUDENT TECHNOLOGY PLAYBOOK". This is a link attached to our district website that has educational & computer literacy programs. The younger students LOVED getting into ABCYa and Funbrain, using the headsets to hear rules and instructions. They were reacquainted with adjusting the sound on the headsets, its wire and ear pierce.

All grades are familiarizing themselves with their Interactive Smartboards again! Grades 5&6 have their Google Chrome books inside their classrooms, working hard in the "drives" creating documents that are shared with their teacher and classmates for reflections and collaboration.

Our laptop carts and lab sign-up Google calendars have been established and in full gear! Teachers are signing up for technology times and using the Mac computers and laptops to assist with their dynamic lessons.

October Tech News!

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