My Hero, My Mom

By: Isabella


My hero is my mom. She is a hero to me because she grew up in an Italian household in Detroit and carried over her positive traditions into my life. She learned to succeed in school when her family was not educated in the language. She learned to succeed when her siblings were sixteen and twelve years older. She learned to succeed when she was the only one in school with a family from a foreign country. She will forever be my hero.
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New York

This is my mom in Central Park. This is an important connection since most of her family who came over from Italy resided in Manhattan.

Haiku For Her

For she is so sweet

I am forever grateful

To call her my mom

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Picinisco, Italy

This is the town her family came from. This is where her siblings were born and raised in their early years.
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Dearborn Heights, Michigan

This is the town where my mom grew up. Her family resided here after they came from Italy.
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Michigan State

This is my mom's alma mater.

Trends of the 1970s

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