BY:Colin O'Connor

Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro is located in northeast Tanzania. It is one of the highest mountains in Africa. This used to be an active volcano but its is now extinct. Coffee as well as plantains are raised on the mountains southern slopes.
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Niger River

The Niger River is 2,600 miles long. It goes to the Fouta Djallon plateau. It goes through Guinea to the Mali republic. Then it flows into nigeria. Afterwards it is dumped into the largest delta in Africa then into the Gulf of Guinea.
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Indian Ocean

The Indian ocean is the third largest ocean. It extents from south Asia to Antarctica. The average depth of the ocean floor is 11,000 feet. A large rift kind of like a crack extends along the bottom of the floor.
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Red Sea

The Red Sea is a long narrow sea. The sea sits in the middle of the African and Arabian Peninsula. It is linked to the Indian Ocean by the Gulf of Aden. In the summer, the waters often exceed 85 degrees Farenheit.
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