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Last Newsletter of the Year!

Thanks so much for allowing me to invade your email this year. I hope these newsletters have been useful. They'll start back up again next year. As a last tip, here's a quick way to copy your home drive and/or facshare files to your Google Drive in case you plan to work on them at home.

Prepare Some Folders

Go to your page and either open an existing folder that you'd like to copy some files to or select the red New button and choose Folder.
Big image
This will create an empty folder that you can later upload files to.

Add Files

There are a few different ways to add multiple files, but the easiest way is to just drag-and-drop them onto the Chrome window. Open the Drive folder you want to copy to and you'll either see the files currently in the folder or, if it's a new empty folder, you'll see the following screen:
Big image
Open your home drive / facshare and select the files you want to copy. Chrome can't drag and drop a whole folder, but you can open a folder in facshare and select all the files you want. You can drag those to the Chrome window pictured above and they will begin uploading.
And that's all. You could select the files or folder upload option by clicking the red New button and upload that way as well. As usual, let me know if you need some help!

Reminder: I'll be on campus all summer except for the last half of June. If you have a question, feel free to email me! I'll keep updating my Appointment Slots with available times during the summer, so if you'd like to meet at Prep we can do that too. Have a great summer everybody!

Thanks for reading!

Feel free to e-mail me any questions.