By: Jaclyn Poe

Fun Facts For Europe

Greece, France, and Italy

I chose Greece, France, and Italy because they are all beautiful countries and I want to go see them some day. I chose the historical monuments because people are familiar with them. All of the 3 countries use the euro as their currency. The leaders of the 3 countries are referred to as presidents just like the U.S.. The 3 countries fish a lot because they are on a coast.


  • Government type- republic
  • Leader- Karolos Papoulias
  • Limited government
  • Is a member of the European Union
  • Gov't event- the German Ambassador's residence was raked by assailants
  • Historical political event- Greece was affected by World War 1.
  • Historical monument- the Parthenon
  • Population- 11.2 million
  • Currency- Euro
  • Language- Greek
  • Topography- mountain ranges, plains, and valleys.
  • Climate- the summers are hot and dry. The winters are cold and wet
  • Agriculture- corn, wheat, barley, sugar beets, cotton, and tobacco
  • % of arable land- 19.78


Government type- republic

Leader- Francois Hollande

European Union member? yes

Famous landmark- The Effel Tower

Language- french

Religion- Catholic

Currency- euro

GDP- $2.613 trillion

Famous brands- Chanel, AXA, Total

Cultural foods- cheese and wine

Location- boardered by Italy, Germany, etc.

Climate- cold winters, mild summers

Topagraphy- mountain ranges

Limited or unlimited? limited


  • Government type- republic
  • Leader- Giorgio Napolitano
  • Limited or unlimited- limited
  • European union member? yes
  • Historic monument- The Colosseum
  • Population- 60.92 million
  • % of arable land- 23.39%
  • Agriculture- sugar beets, tomatoes, and vegatables
  • human environment interaction- people built their houses on the coast of Italy
  • GDP- $2.013 trillion
  • Currency- euro
  • Famous brands- Prada, Martini, Chicco
  • Language- Italian
  • Religion- Catholic