Internet Piracy


42 % of software’s running in the world is illegally downloaded

We have chosen to Internet piracy. Because nearly everyone to experience us almost daily here and has been for us a very interesting topic. Interesting because on the one hand we are curious about the various solutions that are designed to minimize this, terminate and are curious about the impact this will have on society if they manage to make it to tires. We have the knowledge we have gained from the internet, the library and the civics lessons.

What are the problems / issues?

Internet piracy is the illegal distribution of copyrighted material. In 2012 this happened with the exchange of music, DVDs, games, movies etc. This played before the rise of the Internet in the mid-nineties. However, this happened with pirated CDs were sold to third parties.

This also happened in the seventies and eighties. The advent of the tape was fiercely protested by musicians, this music was easy incorporation of radio. Then there was a discussion about whether this was permissible and socially responsible. Nevertheless, the possibility to record cassette tapes remained because the legal means to take proper action was not there. It is therefore interesting to see whether the fight against Internet piracy will take the same turn.

The fight against Internet piracy in recent years vigorously denied. In Dutch continue BREIN and fight with illegal providers of copyrighted material on the Internet. Until a few years ago found from user to user networks like Kazak that the main focus was to BREIN. This was also banned by a ban on the provision of such services.

Many Internet pirates then switched over to the phenomenon Bit Torrent, wherein the file (music, film, etc.) is stored in parts with different users. The site that mediates the illegal file does not therefore in itself, but only provides the software that enables users to get the material possession.

It seems a difficult task this justice acceptable approach to prepare. But in Sweden there are now four Internet pirates sentenced to prison and punitive damages.


It's the cheapest way to get to the latest media. Especially for young people, this is a result due to their limited budget. The internet is the last few years has become more accessible allowing more age groups can work with it. Therefore, downloading is at your fingertips. The download itself takes very little effort. It is also difficult for the police to find out exactly who is spreading these media and download.


Many people see the effects of the download. However, there are known. A group of people put all their passion, time and energy in a particular product to share their creativity and to make a profit. If there are many people who go download it less likely bring a new product to market. For instance, many companies miss money. This becomes more precisely the small businesses instead of the million companies. Yet it remains in conflict with the law and cannot be condoned.

If you go downloading without permission of the author you violate copyrights. Copyright is the legal right of an author and original work has made.

Copyright gives the creator of this work the law work against payment to be issued without his permission, you may not make it public or copying.

Interested parties

Government; they protect the prosperity, creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation by combating the illegal distribution of copyrighted content.

Downloads; their interest is to continue downloading copyrighted content because of the convenience and cost.

Publishers; they run profits wrong because the downloads are not paid for.

Citizens; they are affected because this high on the political agenda while many citizens here have nothing to do with it.

The shops; they lose customers and profits run so wrong. They want so recovering their profits with customers

Social issue

Internet piracy is a social problem because many illegally distribute copyright-protected content and therefore are guilty of internet piracy without being aware of the consequences. By a new legislation will be required on a debt here


What policies the government has developed against Internet piracy?

Republican member of the US House of delegates Lamar Smith has filed a bill known as SOPA. This bill gives the US government the ability to go against online sharing of copyrighted content. This affects all Internet users around the world.

Being, Green Left and the Pirate Party are the only parties that ruling in its program on this issue. The other parties, the question remains which side they choose. For the government, the same applies: the coalition's position relative to the Internet in one sentence is summed up (to pursue the promise to free and open internet). This is the current regulations in the UK: if a box blank CD-ROMs or USB sticks purchase, pays an extra charge. This is intended as compensation for illegal copies that the consumer is going to make this storage medium.sticks purchase, pays an extra charge.

What power does the government to combat Internet piracy?

They have the power to distributors of copyrighted content without written permission from the author to submit a transaction or imprisonment. The amount of the penalty is determined by the amount of content that is distributed and whether they have previously been in trouble with the law for internet piracy. The website of the program that the content is distributed from the air must be removed.

What are the penalties if you get caught for internet piracy?

This depends on the amount of copyright-protected content that has been distributed. This can vary to a long prison term to a transaction. There have been court cases in the past where the Megaupload founder Kim Botcom has been incarcerated in prison but after paying bail was still free. For his incarceration even the FBI and the US Anti-Terrorism Team had to pass.

What procedure should be followed as Internet piracy is proven?

1. Order Task. Checking spread through the computer what sites illegally copyrighted content.

2. Assistance Task. Help people who suffer from Internet piracy.

3. Detection Task. Under the responsibility of the prosecutor, police ensures the detection of offences and looking perpetrators.

4. Prevention. Take measures to prevent crime such as information sessions.

5. Services and advice. You are told the consequences of Internet piracy for you and your environment.

How reliable is our image over piracy?

This partly depends on what position you occupy in the social position. Public opinion on Internet piracy is not detrimental to these million companies. They find it because it does not calculate how much profit they are missed and because this million companies already have a very large budget

Facts about Internet piracy:

70% of Internet users find Internet piracy normal.

67% of all Internet piracy websites come from North America and Western Europe.

59 trillion dollars of software downloaded in 2010

95% of downloaded music is illegal.

What values do the different parties?

The authors wish to determine their profit, which we have already discussed in the paper. Now we will see a bit more about the down-loaders. Down-loaders would like to share prefer undisturbed media. They do this as a hobby or activity of making art and knowledge. This is for many Dutchman very important also because of the cut that leads the current government on arts and culture.

What is the opinion of the proponents and opponents of Internet piracy?

Proponents: Illegal downloading is not a crime, but a freedom.

Illegally downloading media files is not a crime, but is rather to be regarded as freedom brands. The supposed damage to the entertainment industry is not nearly as large as suggested and downloading for example music can also have a stimulating effect on the sales of CDs. It is therefore ridiculous that justice here at all will interfere.

opponents: Internet piracy is a crime because there illegally copyrighted material is obtained. Apart from the question whether it causes damage to the music industry, the principle is not acceptable that people use the Internet to steal other people's property. Internet piracy and in particular the dissemination of protected material should be exterminated root and branch so that those who have worked to get the products offered, the just reward that comes with it.

What role has to do the mass and alternative media with Internet piracy?

The mass media informs a large group of people about issues relating to internet piracy. They form our perceptions. Examples are the lawsuits about the aforementioned peer-to-peer websites Mega upload Pirate bay, Bit Torrent and LimeWire. The mass media not only informs the viewer but will also indirectly warn to fit with the download. By showing it to the lawsuits and penalties viewers will pay more attention to their online behaviour.

The alternative media they disagree with SOPA, PIPA and ACTA, these are all American bills that try to ban Internet piracy. They call for the exchange of art and culture. Here they fight fanatically for, internet petitions, sharing their information on your Facebook page, word of mouth advertising. That they all use to make sure that as many people as possible know what could possibly happen in the future. With the ultimate result that disgruntled people who rebel against the Bills, and ultimately will not go.

Socio-economic: What are the ethical issues in the case of Internet piracy?

Many people do not realize the fact that through the download and / or upload files audio-visual commit a theft. Due to a shortage of repressive approach is the illegal sharing of music over the years became socially accepted.

It was conducted over the years a lot of campaign against music piracy, turned out not to be effective enough and are few people still consider the consequences of illegal downloading. More and more it seems logical that music is distributed free. Yet we must here and one other nuance. People seem namely to have fewer problems with the illegal downloading of music, as opposed to buying a pirated copy.

What is the result of Internet piracy of movies and music publishers etc.?

Loss of income because less earned. The result: less attractive books, movies and music. The industry will thus be in trouble. The result is that the motivation of these parties decreases. The arts and culture development decreases. This also happened with Sony's handheld PlayStation Portable. Because this device easy to build the developers had earned almost nothing and it was no longer attractive to develop games for the PSP.

What has the social position of those concerned with the interests where they stand?

This has a lot to do with it. The authors have a different social position than down-loaders so often another interest. You importance often depends on money and power. The importance of the authors would not be the same if there was no money in the game. Then their interest rather shares their creativity with others without commercial standpoint.

What is the role of the internet providers?

Another point in the discussion is formed by the conservative role of the internet providers to help to chase pirates. With the user data of these providers will be indeed very easy to trace who exactly put files online to share with others and who uses these files.

In view of the privacy laws providers refuse until now to share their information with regulators as BREIN. The European Court of Justice also seems to have this view. On November 24, 2011 the Court made known that judges in EU Member States cannot require an ISP to install a filtering system that illegally downloading music files should avoid.

Partly because of the lack of cooperation between regulators and ISPs Internet piracy can nowadays hardly be contested and awareness campaigns are the only way to tackle illegal downloads.


We also download lots of music, movies and games from the Internet. It saves a lot of money and do not see why we should buy this content if you do not use it more than twice. We now realize that this is at the expense of the other parties. However, downloading has become part of our society and has become very important. On the one hand, everyone would be disappointed if you would lose profits. Spreading without permission of the author of copyrighted content remains prohibited. This will not stop the coming years and is likely to continue to grow. The next generation, our children so will download in our more. They will perhaps follow education on the Internet and do everything digitally.

We find exaggerated the bills and penalties. So you see again that the world is more and more about money, even with art and culture. Art and culture is actually meant to share your creativity with such a large potential group. That happened also in full sizes, with Internet piracy so.