Social Media for B2B Companies

Create thought-leadership, engagement & influence!

How can Social Media help B2B Companies?

  1. To Create Thought-Leadership for your product or service by leveraging strategic social platforms

2. Influence the entire decision making team including CXOs

3 . Create a human and user friendly imagery

3 Ways to Address the Objectives

1. Create strategic presence on relevant social platforms like LinkedIn, Slideshare,

Twitter, YouTube etc.

2. Leverage influencers and targeted groups on social platforms.

3. Leverage Paid Social Media Placements to reach right audience & demographics

3 Metrics to Judge Performance

1. Reach: the Right Target Audience and track an increasing trend

2. Engagement: Tracking users' communication & participation

3. Action: Induce users to take a favorable action like downloading a whitepaper,

webinar participation, viewing a video or filling a form

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