Ganado ISD Secondary School

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Agenda for Secondary New Teacher Training - August 6, 2019

Welcome new staff members to Ganado ISD!

I am very excited to begin this new year with you as a part of our team. Tomorrow we begin our professional journey for the 2019-20 academic year. We will begin in the media center at 8:00 am. Dr. Thompson will lead you through the initial training in the morning. You will be dismissed around 11:30 am to your campus.

We are providing lunch for Secondary new staff in the secondary building. Come to the main office and Ms. Diaz will direct you to the meeting room.

In the afternoon, we will take a quick tour of the building to discuss layouts, then spend some time assisting you with who to ask, and where to find information. Mr. Prats will present the T-TESS observation system to you. Afterwards you will get your room key, if you do not have one, and ID badge.

The remainder of the afternoon will be given to you to begin organization of your room.

Again, I am very excited to begin this year with you.


David Segers, Ed.D.

GISD Secondary Principal