Mass production

By taj darkazalli


I will be making my parents a pizza

I will be freshly making the dough of the pizza by hand

Muhammad will be putting all the toppings on

Jeff will be setting up the over at the right temp making sure the pizza is cooking right

I will be making the dough because I'm very experienced and with make the perfect kind of crust that my parents will enjoy. Nothing can be started until the dough is done because it's the starting point that everything is done to so it will go down the line like a conveyer belt.

Muhammad will be putting all the toppings on including the different arrangements of cheese, also adding all the spices olives and mushroom to make the perfect combination, because Muhammad has the best taste in what would taste good together. This step will have to wait for the dough to be don't because you can't put any topping until it's done.

Jeff will be preparing the oven and monitoring the pizza because this is the most important part and you can easily mess up by undercooking or overlooking the pizza. This job will probably take the longest time due to having to Waite for the oven to preheat and the pizza to cook.

Everything is going to take different amounts of time but the oven can be preheated until the pizza is ready to be put into the oven!

I was absent for the days previous to the day the assignment was due