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Unchartered Territory

The mandated closure of schools in Michigan has created many challenges and questions. In this document we try to answer as many questions as we can based on the information that we have right now from sources like the Governor's office, Department of Education, Chatfield Board of Directors, Lapeer Intermediate School District, and local and state Health Department.

We want you to know that we are here for each and every family. If there is any way that we can support your child or family please reach out to us via email.


Bill Kraly and Matt Young


Updated May 18, 2020.

Can my children particpate in the free meal program in Lapeer?

Yes. Chatfield School is part of the collaborative free food program in Lapeer. The goal is to provide food to children in a non-congregate setting for the next several weeks. This free food program is available to all children under 18 years old and those with special needs under 26.

Meals will be distributed using drive thru-pick-up style at the Center for Innovation Building located at 170 Millville Rd in Lapeer between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m.

Upcoming Schedule for Meal Service

Each bag will contain a breakfast and a lunch.

TuesdaysPick-up Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday meals.

Fridays – Pick-up Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday meals

Any questions please call Joanne VanHouten, Director of Dining (810) 538-1649.

Is Chatfield School Open to Students or Parents?

No, the school is not open to the public. Some essential personnel will report at this time.

All events, activities, and athletic programs, including practices, have been cancelled. Child

care programs have also been canceled during the shut-down. The school will be open at various times between May 19 and June 12 for families to begin enrollment processes and end of year requirements. Please see your child's newsletter for details.

Will parent/teacher conferences, team meetings, 504/IEP meetings during this closure be rescheduled?

At this time all meetings have been postponed and will be rescheduled when school resumes.

Will instructional days lost because of the closure be forgiven or will they need to be made up?

With an approved Continuity of Learning Plan, public schools are required to provide 180 instructional days and are allowed up to 6 days for weather and 18 days for COVID-19 to be forgiven. At this time we anticipate that Chatfield will meet that requirement as long as our learning plan continues through June 10 (our scheduled last day of school). At this time it appears we will not have to make up school days.

Will the shutdown affect my child's grades?

No. Students will not be penalized for this required shutdown. Students will be offered the opportunity to make up or complete any pre-shutdown required work. During the online schooling program students may maintain or raise their grade.

Will the third marking period be extended?

No. The third marking period will end March 11, 2020. The gradebooks will remain open so that students can improve their grade on assignments that had been graded prior to March 11.

What about third marking period report cards?

Third marking period report cards will be issued and will serve as the final report for the school year. Again these report cards will only reflect work and attendance through March 11, 2020. During the online schooling program students may maintain or raise their grade. The date these report cards will be printed is yet to be determined.

How can I support my child's learning during the closure?

1. Check Google Classroom daily with your child.

2. Provide your child with a quality work space that is free of distractions. Provide some scrap paper, pencils, etc.

3. Provide reading support or explanation of the directions as needed.

4. Talk positively about learning and doing school work on-line. We know this can be tough! Your attitude will impact your child's attitude.

5. Parents, you are the guide, but you not the evaluator. Try to be non-judgemental with your child. Adhere to your expectations of completion, but allow the classroom teacher to provide the evaluation and feedback of actual quality of work.

If you have not, please take time to read the Chatfield Learning Resources at this link: Learning Resources

How should students and parents expect to communicate with the teachers or other school staff?

Communication should be through email and Google Classroom. Teachers may not respond immediately, but have been asked to check email and respond to emails in a timely manner.

Please do not use facebook or other social media to attempt to communicate with school staff.

How does on-line learning work?

This is a work in progress and we realize that on-line learning can not and will not replace the quality instructional experience Chatfield students receive daily. Teachers create assignments and post resources in Google Classroom. Students complete the assignments and turn work in via Google Classroom. Additionally, the teacher will provide direct instruction via Google Meet or Zoom at a specified period. These Google Meet or Zoom sessions will be recorded and posted for a student that might not be able to log on during the assigned Google Meet time.

How will technology and materials be provided for on-line learning?

Families that do not currently have a Chatfield issued chromebook have been asked to pick one up. One chromebook per family has been provided. Internet access issues are a factor that we will address with individual families. If at this time you do not have internet access we recommend that you consider acquiring service through a provider that is offering free services during the Coronavirus shutdown. If you are having any issues with the ability to participate in online courses please contact Mr. Young or Mr. Kraly.

How are we making sure on-line learning is equitable?

It is our goal to provide every family with the necessary tools to be able to have students utilize Google Classroom and other apps to be able to accomplish the learning tasks set out by teachers. Internet access issues are a factor that we will address with individual families. If at this time you do not have internet access we recommend that you consider acquiring service through a provider that is offering free services during the Coronavirus shutdown. Parents must play a significant role in supporting the use of the Google Classroom and supporting and supervising their child with the technology. Please contact your child's teacher or Mr. Kraly or Mr. Young if you are having any issues utilizing on-line learning.

What impact will this closure have on state-level testing requirements?

State level testing (ie. M-STEP and PSAT8), while normally required for all students as part of both state and federal mandates, has been cancelled for this school year.

Chatfield School Enrollment Lottery

The school lottery registration date ended April 10. The lottery was held on Friday, April 24, 2020 at 3pm and was streamed live. Letters have been mailed to all those registered in the lottery indicating the child's enrollment number. The enrollment process has begun with the first rounds of phone calls being made to families for Kindergarten. Enrollment packets may be picked up from the school at designated times.

What about Class Trips and Field Studies?

Parents who had a sixth or seventh grade student signed up to attend the Pictured Rocks or Pure Michigan Trip, please read the letter provided and complete the survey for refund or credit. Letter LINK

Is Chatfield being cleaned and how will the school be prepared for the return of students

The school building is being deep cleaned by our cleaning crew. Prior to the closure the cleaning crew had assumed additional hours for sanitizing the building. The protocols that were started prior to the closure including additional cleaning crew will be maintained until the threat is mitigated. All cleaning is done using cleaners and supplies to meet the requirements of health and safety guidelines.

How can I help my child cope with anxiety at this time?

The daily rhythm of life has changed significantly for all of our families. Some of you are juggling working from home along with your children’s needs. Some of you are laid off and dealing with that stress. It is ok to shelter your child from the daily news and some of the complexities of this time. We have included some resources we hope may be of help:

Additionally, we are sure many of you have been faced with the question if your child can get together with friends. Here are some links regarding that topic for guidance:

The Chatfield Family is here for you...

We want to be able to support you and your family during this time. While the closure and social distancing make direct contact nearly impossible, we are able to support families that may need it in other ways. Please reach out via email to Mr. Kraly, Mr. Young, Mrs. Kress or any staff member. We will work together to support you and your family.