By Kevin Schuele

Unstoppable Story: Preparing to Win

Maury Wills was a Brooklyn Dodger who never gave up and was always very resilient. When he tried out for the team, Maury was only five feet eight inches and only weighed 150 pounds. He could steal, pitch, and play infield, but his one adversity was that he couldn't hit anything. This really affected him in a big way because since he couldn't hit, he got moved down to class D, the lowest place on the baseball ladder. Because of his hitting problems, he practiced every day for hours on end. Unfortunately, those long tiring hours of batting practice didn't help him. But one day, the team manager told him to try switch hitting because he knew that Maury was afraid of getting it with the ball.

After many days and hours of practicing hitting on the left side, the coach saw that he was making many improvements. When the season was over, he was a much better batter and had polished his skills at shortstop. But, the Brooklyn Dodgers still didn't give him the offer of moving him up.

Then in the eighth year of him being in the minors, the Dodgers shortstop broke his toe and the team finally moved him up to the majors. While he was with the Dodgers, Maury worked with the first base coach and they spent thirty minutes of the practice hitting and then ninety minutes of it talking about his mental attitude and confidence.

As a result of all the hours of practicing, Maury triumphed and found his groove for hitting. He became a very well-known shortstop and started stealing bases with his God-given speed like no tomorrow. Maury was then awarded MVP on his second year with the Dodgers and he also broke Ty Cobb's record of most stolen bases in 156 games. Maury Wills was a man who never gave up because he knew that one day he would triumph over adversity become a very successful man.

Caines Arcade

Caine is a nine year old boy who started an arcade out of cardboard. One of his adversities that he faced was that he got zero customers for a very long time, but he adhered to his arcade. Then one day, this man came into Caine's father's shop to get some things. Caine asked him if he wanted a fun pass for the arcade. He said yes, and because he had such a fun time, he wanted more people to join in on the fun.

As a result of the man playing in the arcade, he started to post things on the internet so that more people could find out about his story and how fun Caine's arcade was. After a couple of days, the blog went viral and everyone was asking how they could get to his arcade. After a few months of planning, the man had Caine's dad take him to an arcade and have everyone who wanted to come to arrive at his cardboard arcade.

Finally, the big day arrived. Caine's father took him to an actual arcade so they hang out and have a good time before he gets surprised by everyone showing up to HIS arcade. Once they were done, the both of them drove over to his arcade and he saw everyone standing there. He must have felt very overwhelmed because there were so many people. Once he got the front, he started selling fun passes and go around asking how people were doing. This goes to show that perseverance and determination can go a long way in the world.

The Black Duck

Ruben Hart is a person who has quite a bit of courage and is never afraid to back down from something. One moment for when he faced adversity was when he was technically kidnapped by these men who wanted a key so that they could get there alcohol from Canada. This "key" was a half-fifty dollar bill that told the boat that it could dock in their harbor. The setting of the book was when alcohol was illegal and you had to have a license to get it. But instead of people having licenses and paying all that money, they decided to go into rum running. One example of this being dangerous was because the coast guard was always on the look out for suspicious boats.

When they asked a boat to stop and it didn't, the coast guard would normally try to shoot the engine. But, many of the bullets went astray and normally hit the people on the boat. Another reason for why they took him was because Ruben knew too much about the bad side of people in the town. So when they went to interrogate him, Ruben had to muster up the courage to be brave and not give away anything. Fortunately, Ruben was rescued by the crew of the black duck and he was able to survive the terrible encounter.

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